Gratitude Journal #3

There are so many things I’m grateful for, and recognizing the importance of gratitude is one of them. Every day recently I’ve been making an active effort to recognize the things that make life wonderful. Here are just a few recent items for which I’d like to offer my thanks.

Natural Beauty

Pink fireworks flower

I found these pretty pink flowers by the bus stop a week ago and was immediately struck by their beauty. Although I feel a bit bad about doing so, I plucked one for myself and kept it with me to admire throughout the day.

I’m also grateful for the internet which has helped identify this plant as a mimosa pudica, also known as the sensitive plant because it closes its leaves when touched. Will definitely have to try that out the next time I stop by.

Our Box Fan

We got it from a garage sale earlier this year, and keeping it aimed right in my direction keeps my much cooler without having to turn down the thermostat as much. It’s a net win for energy savings and comfort.

Local Wildlife

In addition to the turtles in the creek next door, there are almost always some fish swimming around. Birds and squirrels like to hang out in my lawn. And when they get into the garden it’s usually something innocuous like eating one of my plentiful tomatoes which I don’t mind sharing. They did manage to wreak havoc with the cantaloupes, but I’m glad they enjoyed them.

The Library

Living right next to the library is great. I love reading and even this smaller library has plenty of variety to offer. This week I even picked up a tree field guide and now know how to recognize an American Elm. There are quite a few around my house.

My Job

It’s not my dream job, but I really enjoy most of my work. And the casual environment means I don’t need to worry if my jeans are starting to get a little worn out. Plus, it’s helped me finally get to a phase of my life where I feel comfortable sharing some of my income with causes I support.

Surprise vegetables

Baby pumpkin

Every time I’ve thought that the cucumber harvest was over, I kept finding one more. Will another appear? Only time will tell. And in my mom’s yard (my previous garden) one of the pumpkin seeds from last year finally decided it was time to start growing.


My parents and siblings are all in good health. A little over a week ago, I got to meet my new nephew for the first time when my sister and her husband came down to visit. He’s not only in good health but very active. He’ll be walking before they know it. 🙂

This Guy

Empty soda can on the floor of a bus

If a can or bottle is rolling around on the floor bus, I’m usually too lazy to pick it up and just let it roll around some more. The man with the shoes in this pic saw the can rolling around and not only picked it up but checked the rest of the bus for careless discards to dispose of at the trashbin at the next stop. It may not have gotten as far as recycling, which we sadly don’t have at bus stops here, but it’s a huge step in the right direction and has inspired me to do what I can to make a positive difference.