The Garden After 5 Months

We’re well into July now and the Austin heat means that most days this month have hit the triple-digits. I have a definite tan line on my neck from spending hardly any time outside, and most of the veggies just can’t take the heat. But anyhow here are the highlights of the garden five months after moving in.

Previous months:


Dead now. But my Straight Eights were producing all through June and even gave me a few in July before they all shrivelled up and were a pain to pull because the vines had entangled themselves with other veggies I planted too close together. I hope to see more in the fall garden, though.


Not even close to growing a bell pepper

The jalapeño pepper is still a tiny little thing and has no hope of growing anything this summer. The bell pepper looks leafy at least but there’s no telling if any of those will wind up in my skillet either.


Front yard tomato

The Roma tomato plant I added at the front of my house is just barely leafier than this now. It doesn’t help that I sometimes forget about watering plants that aren’t in the backyard garden. There’s one tomato on it but it’s kind of pathetic.

Of my two Romas planted earlier in the year in the backyard, I pulled one as soon as I got overwhelmed with / sick of tomatoes earlier this month. (I harvested at least 50, which for me is a ton.) The other was butchered mercilessly as I composted it limb by limb before getting tired of the heat and failing to finish the job. A couple of days ago I noticed a new tomato on that plant, it’s a survivor! It hasn’t even been watered all month.


Melons are amazing. They’re the one plant that still looks really happy with the summer heat.I’ve been watering them only once or twice a week.

All kinds of melon leaves
A baby watermelon that wasn’t meant to be

After a few cantaloupes and canary melons, I was excited about finally getting a watermelon. The excitement was short-lived as I soon after saw the growing melon slightly larger than a softball but covered with a huge brown spot on one side. I got that away from the vines as quick as possible, hoping another healthier melon takes its place. Will probably need to get soil tests done in the near future though.

A new batch of canary melons has sprouted

Watermelons may take too long to grow but I have a good feeling about the canary melons. I created this new garden bed for another round and the baby vines are looking healthy. I’ve already thinned them out a few times, hoping to keep the most vigorous few plants.

Yes, even smaller melons need support

One of the older canary melon vines crossed over into the former cucumber bed, giving me the first mid-air melon I’ve ever grown. Despite reading and watching much advice about giving your melons proper support, I decided to experiment and see if this melon could hold its own weight. As it turns out, it can’t. I took this photo yesterday morning and then in the afternoon it fell to the ground. Not fully ripe yet because it’s still a bit small and the skin isn’t textured yet, but as what might be the last homegrown melon of the season I’ll savor it as much as possible. (Still, fingers crossed that more melons emerge.)

Chance of Rain

After weeks of dry heat, there’s finally a chance of rain this week (with slightly lower temperatures). To take full advantage, I transplanted my puny little next batch of tomato seedlings outside, stuck some yellow squash seeds into a mound of dirt, and put some cucumber seeds in the ground along with some support. It may not be the best timing to plant any of these things, but with plenty of warmth and water and love, just maybe they’ll make it through. *fingers crossed*

2 thoughts on “The Garden After 5 Months

  1. atxgarden July 27, 2016 / 3:08 pm

    Canary melons! Wow, I’ve never heard of those but they look cool which is my only requirement for planting; I’m definetely adding them to the list! The rain is perfect isn’t it!? I’m hustling to get my fall beans in!


    • Deborah Ray July 28, 2016 / 1:05 pm

      Sure was a beautiful rain! I discovered canary melons at the farmers market last year and just planted the seeds of one I bought. Not as beautiful as the original, but hey, I’m a novice. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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