Not New Thread

For a long time I’ve been dangerously low on thread (other than travel-sized pieces). My patchwork denim reupholstery project has been on hold for a couple of months now, and this weekend it was time to be more active in replenishing my supply.

I’ve had success with Craigslist for other things previously, so I scoured the site for any hope of people who wanted to part with excess spools of thread. Fortunately, there was a yard sale not too far away and the pictures included a bunch of yarn, so it was a good bet. And best of all, everything was free! Sure enough, I found a spool of thread but it was tiny. And, well, since everything was free I ended up grabbing a bunch of other stuff.

Much restraint went into choosing only these free items

You may see some larger spools in this picture, but those are actually crochet thread and it may not be a good idea to try using them in the sewing machine. I also got some gold sequins and beads that were bundled up with the thread, a tablecloth, tv tray, salt shaker, grater, jar of paper clips, dishwashing liquid, pinking shears, kitchen spritzer (for oil), glass baby food jars, curtain rod holders, a drying rack, and a bunch of embroidery hoops. Good thing I’ve made my peace with not being a minimalist (although I sometimes still ooh and awe over pictures of minimalist homes).

For the next promising lead, someone was offering a set of extra sewing items for just $20. The ad was posted a week and a half ago, so I didn’t have my hopes up but it turned out to be a smashing success!

So much thread!

Three huge spools of thread. They’re all polyester, but I’ve also made peace with the trade-off of plastic goods vs. buying new. Since everyone recommends having a pair of shears just for fabric, the heavy-duty pair that came with the set is really sweet. There’s a tracing wheel, which I would never have bought new for myself but will definitely use, zipper feet which may or may not fit my sewing machine, and a couple of different types of snaps.

The seller was an awesome woman who was interested in selling these to someone who would use them and kept the other items from the set which I didn’t need to share with someone else. Thanks, Savannah!

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