Shoe Tossing


I see a pair of perfectly good shoes just sitting by the sidewalk at least once every month. Where do they come from? How is it that not a single person passes by and thinks “Awesome! Free shoes!” and grabs them before I see them? And how is it that some people think the best use of them is to play a game of shoe tossing, leaving them in a rather curious position?

And yet, seeing this pair of shoes on a streetlight awakens a challenge inside of me. I’m tempted to toss another pair of shoes up there just to see if I can do it. I have some shoes that are falling apart, so it wouldn’t be a huge waste. But that might inspire someone else to do the same thing with a pair that still has plenty of life left in them.

Fortunately, that streetlight is really high and I know I’d fail in my shoe-tossing attempts. Crisis averted. 😛

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