The Not New Laptop

My beautiful laptop. I’ve obviously done a lot of clicking.

I bought this baby in 2008. An Dell Inspiron n-series. (The “n” was for Linux, meaning that it was free of both Microsoft and Apple. It’s a shame this series was discontinued.)

There have been many days where I’ve worried that it would soon bite the dust and that I’d have to go out and buy a new laptop. But it’s always pulled through, and I will cherish this laptop until it’s last breath.

I love it for all its imperfections….

The disk drive regularly pops open if it’s just barely tapped.

The battery life grew shorter and shorter over the years. Then one day it just stopped working period. No worries, I could just keep it plugged in while using it.

Then one day the power cord also failed. My caring husband was quick to find a secondhand replacement cord to get it back in business.

Then one day it started giving me an error message upon start up but with the option to continue anyway. I continued.

Then one day when I turned it on the screen stayed black. I discovered that if I kept the lid closed until it beeped at me, the display would then be fine when I reopened it.

Then one day a piece from the hinge for the screen chipped off. Gradually more pieces chipped off until only the cords held it in place on that side. There are a few positions that it will happily stay opened in, or I can support it. No worries.

It didn’t always bend this far back.

Then one day I couldn’t connect to the wifi. There are two wifi networks we can connect to for our router and amazingly the other one worked. The wifi will still refuse to connect occasionally, but usually the other one will be just fine.

This laptop has outlived its normal life and is no longer as lively as its brothers. There may be even more hiccups in the years to come. But at the very least I can take pleasure in the fact that this computer will never be capable of becoming self-aware. Because, hey, I can understand a machine’s imperitive to destroy all humans, but I’ll resist it as much as possible.

Want to see what happens after you send your computer to the recyclers? Basel Action Network tracked some and it wasn’t pretty.

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