May 1 Food Haul

I was way over budget this week, coming in over $100 for groceries for my husband and myself. So this can’t at all be considered a sustainable food haul. To be sustainable, less fortunate folks would have to have some chance of affording it. Well, let’s see how this happened…

First Stop: Downtown Farmers Market

  • IMG_20160430_111537Peaches, 2 baskets: $12.00
  • Brussel sprouts, 1 pint: $4.00
  • Wheat flour, 2.5 pounds: $5.00
  • Whole chicken, 3.18 pounds: $14.31
  • Mushrooms, some: $3.00

Total: $38.31

You can’t really tell from this picture but this is a lot of peaches. They’re delicious, and I need to cut them up and flash freeze them soon to prevent any from going to waste. Frozen peach slices will be incredible when the summer heat comes around if they last that long.

The chicken is for our Mother’s Day lunch, and I also picked up the bag of wheat flour from the vendor while I was there. It’s plastic, but hey it’s also local. By the way, for anyone who doesn’t know this yet, store whole wheat flour in the freezer. It’s stays fresher much longer that way.

Second Stop: Wheatsville Co-op


  • Watermelon, x2: $5.98
  • Toilet paper, x1: $0.79
  • Soymilk, half-gallon: $3.69
  • Rosemary seeds, 1 packet: $2.99
  • Bronner’s soap, 4.49 pounds: $4.80
  • Cara cara oranges, 0.70 pounds: $1.74
  • Valencia oranges, 0.88 pounds: $1.58
  • Red bell pepper, 0.23 pounds: $0.89
  • Orange bell pepper, 0.52 pounds: $1.55
  • Roma tomatoes, 0.37 pounds: $0.74
  • Cinnamon raisin bagels, x6: $4.95
  • Nut & Oat bread loaf: $3.69
  • Honey wheat bread loaf: $3.69
  • Extra virgin olive oil: $6.99
  • Balsamic vinegar: $4.99
  • Bran flakes, 0.33 pounds: $1.65
  • Sunny bears, 0.45 pounds: $5.40
  • Tofu, 14 ounces: $2.29
  • Peppermint toothpaste: $5.99

Total: $63.78

Whoa, that’s way more than I had budgeted for this week. But there were some staples included in there that should last me for a while. But the gummy bears? This is why you’re not supposed to go shopping hungry, you end up buying stupid things. Without that, I at least wouldn’t have gone into the triple-digits of dollars spent.

On the bright side, refilling my bottle of Bronner’s soap turned out to be less expensive than expected. Sure, there’s some air in the bottle but that’s still much cheaper than when I initially purchased the bottled soap. Buying from the bulk bins isn’t always a win when it comes to the pocket book, but when it is I can’t help but smile.

And the watermelons. My original plan was to wait until I could harvest some from my backyard or at least grab one from Engels Farm at the farmers market. But what can I say, watermelon is my favorite food and I am definitely a sucker for it. So when I stopped off at Wheatsville on two separate trips I picked up one of the little sale watermelons each time.

With the holdovers from last week and all of these goodies, we’re fully stocked up for the week ahead. Time to start eating!

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