Good Reads

It always inspires me to see so many people out there who are either trying out new changes for a more sustainable lifestyle or who are sharing knowledge that they’ve acquired over years of mindfulness. Here are just a few of my favorite blog entries from the past week in case any of these inspire you also.


Over at Pioneering the Simple Life, a broken plastic wheelbarrow was restored to working condition with wire stitches.

Ania has taken inspiration from a hamster in small steps to improve her quality of life and help the environment.

Mhloe has completed her second month of zero waste and confirms what I suspected was true in that you never need to buy a new pen again. (I find pens on the ground so often that buying a reusable one is out of the question.)

Dani shares her experience making a drop-off at the landfill and how she hopes to never have to do that again.


Sky is swapping out single-use tissues and single-use grocery bags.

Peggy describes some of the reasons why it makes sense for everyone to cut back a bit on the meat and dairy and why she’s vegan.


Nikki salvaged some delicious produce by dumpster diving.

And although Earth day is now past, it’s never too late to take advice from this Earth Day tip offered by Katy from the Non-Consumer Advocate.

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