April 24 Food Haul

I missed the farmers market this week in order to take the opportunity to visit the Resource Recovery Center and pick up some ReBlend paint. While there, I also managed to pick up some screws which look about the right size for reattaching the window shutter that came off, some washers for for making Roman shades, a small terra cotta window pot (made in Italy), and a couple of other goodies. (This was all free stuff, folks! Dumpster diving without any of the inconveniences.) There was still time to go to the farmers market afterwards, but I made a mistake thinking I could lug around a 3.5 gallon tub of paint from the pick-up area to the bus stop some blocks away. Even switching arms regularly and making frequent stops to rest, I just wanted to sit back for a while.

So in the end, this morning I made a one stop shopping trip to pick up tons of goodies.

One Stop: Wheatsville Co-op

  • IMG_20160424_090812Acorn squash, 1.50 pounds: $1.79
  • Beets, 0.80 pounds: $1.59
  • Broccoli, 1.30 pounds: $2.33
  • Salad mix, 0.24 pounds: $1.68
  • Carrots, 1.51 pounds: $2.70
  • Kale, 1 bunch: $2.49
  • Navel oranges, 1.40 pounds: $2.51
  • Cucumber, 0.92 pounds: $0.91
  • Golden delicious apples, 0.78 pounds: $1.79
  • Roma tomatoes, 1.03 pounds: $1.33
  • Gala apples, 0.79 pounds: $2.36
  • Pink lady apples, 0.68 pounds: $2.24
  • Orange bell pepper, 0.30 pounds: $0.90
  • White onion, 0.77 pounds: $1.38
  • Valencia oranges, 0.84 pounds: $0.83
  • Ataulfo mango, x1: $0.99
  • Peaches, 0.63 pounds: $2.39
  • Garlic, 0.13 pounds: $0.78
  • Yukon potatoes, 0.92 pounds: $1.37
  • Bagels, x2: $1.98
  • Nut & Oat bread, 1 loaf: $3.69
  • Whole Wheat bread, 1 loaf: $3.69
  • Toilet paper, x2: $1.58
  • Peanuts, 0.91 pounds: $4.81
  • Banana chips, 0.12 pounds: $0.41
  • Crunch peanut butter, 0.70 pounds: $4.89
  • Soymilk: $3.69
  • Smart dogs: $3.99

Total: $53.48

I expected the total to be higher for my packed little shopping cart, but there were a lot of good sales this week (yay, extra bread for the freezer) and it was that time of the year that I got my special 10% off member discount. My only regret is that I couldn’t find raisins in the bulk bins, which is why I ended up getting the banana chips. Oh, and the fact that organic broccoli at the co-op comes with both a rubber brand and unrecyclable tag. But, well, I really wanted some broccoli for my pizza. Yumm.

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