Can-Free Peas

In January, I planted the other half packet of pea seeds in my mother’s garden. I forgot to soak them before planting but subsequently drenched the little patch of ground. For a month I watered them semi-regularly. But then I moved away and waterings were rare. This past month the peas only got rain and morning dew. Grass and weeds found a new home in the neglected garden. And yet somehow the peas perservered. Against all odds, they plumped out and my mom sent me this picture of them earlier this week. Nature really is brilliant.

Plump pods hanging on the pea vines

The next day I stopped by to check them out and picked all the pods that seemed full or kind of full. (What do I know about picking peas?) They filled up about half of this two-cup bowl.


Taking them out of their pods resulted in what looks like only a third of a cup of peas.


But no matter. I ate a few raw and the smaller peas were the sweetest and most delicious. I stuck them in the freezer temporarily to keep them fresh and will be adding them to our fried rice tonight. Since quitting canned foods, I’ve missed peas so much and here they are better than ever! I’ll definitely be planting more next year. My only regret is that it’s already too warm to plant a new batch now.

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