April 2 Food Haul

Buying a house and everything that entails has really thrown me off my rhythm. It’s been nearly two months since my last visit to the farmers market. Today was a great day to visit, though. They had strawberries!

First Stop: Wheatsville Co-op

I already have a variety of beans cooked and frozen in reused jars, so this week is mostly about accompaniments.

  • IMG_20160402_112124
    Goodies from Wheatsville

    Potatoes, 1.12 pounds: $1.67

  • Plums, 0.48 pounds: $1.34
  • Avocado, x1: $1.99
  • Cucumber, 0.74 pounds: $1.10
  • Mango, x1: $1.79
  • Oranges, 1.29 pounds: $1.28
  • Pear, 0.36 pounds: $0.72
  • Kiwi, x1: $0.79
  • Garlic, 0.08 pounds: $0.48
  • Bell pepper, 0.33 pounds: $1.15
  • Cinnamon raisin bagel, x1: $0.99
  • Fake provolone single: $0.99
  • Spaghetti, x2: $3.00
  • Toilet paper, x2: $1.58
  • Wild rice blend, 1.28 pounds: $5.62
  • Brown rice, 1.15 pounds: $3.21
  • Liquid laundry detergent, 0.26 pounds: $0.91
  • Soymilk, half-gallon: $3.00
  • Butter, half-pound: $2.99
  • Vegan hot dogs, 1 pack: $3.99

Total: $38.72

The butter was to make some oatmeal cookies, which my husband has been craving. I also got him a special little serving-sized cheese.

I’ve been getting lazy about making my own laundry detergent, so I was glad to discover that Wheatsville gets large jugs of detergent and lets you dispense just what you need into your own container. Sometimes a lot of bubbles come out of the dispenser, but this time it was beautiful liquid soap all the way.

By the way, I know that pear looks really beat up in that picture. Now I know to be a bit more gentle with pears and to not accidentally rough them up on the way home. No worries, though, I ate it already and it was still 100% delicious.

Second Stop: Downtown Farmers Market

  • IMG_20160402_111538Strawberries, 2 pints: $8.00
  • Mushrooms: $3.00
  • Tomatoes, x3: $3.00
  • Spaghetti squash, x2: $5.00

It’s strawberry season! My husband and I love berries but have only been buying them on rare occasions due the plastic containers they come in. I still have a few of those containers and will make good use of them next week for transporting more berries safely home. This batch was de-leafed and halved almost immediately and quick-frozen (spread out on a tray in the freezer) so there’s no risk of any of these beauties going to waste. In a glass of lemonade, or on a hot day all on their own, frozen berries are to die for.

Third Stop: My Mom’s Backyard

Until recently, this is where I’ve been doing my gardening. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last checked in, and the garden beds were already getting overgrown with weeds. It is Spring after all. There were a few pods on the peas but all empty. The lettuce had long since gone bitter. The broccoli was a tower of tiny flowers. But there were some good foods to be had.


I dug out a row of carrots (there are only a few left) and grabbed enough some spring onions to get us through the week (turns out I greatly underestimated how many we needed).

Bonus Stop: The Office

My office supplies us with apples, oranges, and bananas. (And maybe once a year, peaches!) Sadly, bananas are delicate and sometimes quickly become unappetizing to my coworkers, sometimes even being tossed in the trash bin.

Banana that has partially split open

This week I noticed that a few bananas had split open. I grabbed this one to eat immediately and peeled and froze the others for more delicious frozen goodness during the week. These would be great with those strawberries!


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