Dandelion Destruction

I know, I know, dandelions have their purpose aerating and enriching poor soil, and the short ones are okay by me. But I think mine are just some evil dandelion cousins. I call them granddaddies because they’re so tall (they just grow fast), so many stems, and the leaves are super spiky.

After a recent rain, I was pulling some out of the ground and chopping the top off of others. But apparently ladybugs really do love dandelions (and I do love ladybugs).

Ladybugs mating on a dandelion plant

Fortunately chopping off the dandelion tops didn’t disturb these little guys enough to keep them from their business. So no harm done, right?

Ladybugs still at it

Of course, this week I took it a step further when my scythe arrived in the mail. (More on that later after it’s more than dry-fit together and after I learn to use the proper form.) So many dandelions and other weeds cut short in the prime of their lives.

Lawn trimming in progress

But no worries. Finally the clover underneath can share in the love now too.

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