I bought a house!

A month ago, I felt like it would never happen. And then somehow, my husband and I found the place to help fulfill our goal of getting a new house this year. It’s a fixer upper, and even just the process of moving has me a little off my game. Here’s just a few notes of our successes and failures so far at staying environmentally friendly.

Green wins:

  • Upon moving in, we discovered that the previous owners had left behind a rake, shovel, plunger, toilet bowl brush, scrub brush, broom, and dust pan. I had almost bought many of these before closing, but waiting turned out to be the smart move. No wasted purchases!
  • We’re right next to a creek. I haven’t done this yet but absolutely plan to do regular cleanups. I’ve also picked up some groundcover seed for some light work on erosion control.
  • The fridge was a bit gross, but perked up after a good scrubbing so we don’t need to worry about replacing it yet.
  • A few pairs of bi-fold closet doors were removed and sitting on the back porch. After inspection they turned out not to be in good enough shape to reinstall. I’ve half-built my first garden bed using the first pair and plan to do the same with the other two.
  • We needed some curtain rods and found a bundle of the exact number we needed at a nearby Goodwill. I plan to DIY the new window coverings from old clothing.
  • We are cleaning the cabinets for reuse instead of sending them off to landfill to install new ones from Ikea.

Not-so-green things:

  • I’ve eaten more fast food in the past week than I have in the previous couple of months! But now the gas is on and the fridge that came with the home has been given a thorough cleaning, so it’s time to start cooking and restocking.
  • We got impatient and picked up a vinyl shower curtain liner from Home Depot rather than getting a more natural option.
  • I’m already fantasizing about different flooring options for the future. We’ll see if the professional carpet cleaners tomorrow can make us put this off a while.
  • Also, I had really wanted to get metal roofing with a water capture system in the not-too-distant future, but the roof has enough damage that it needs to be replaced before we can afford it and we may very well end up going with the cheap shingles option.
  • Will my garden at my mom’s house survive without me there to care for them regularly? Or will they just wind up as food waste?

Well, that’s enough for now. I’m exhausted! And there’s so much more to scrub…

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