January 23 Food Haul

It was cold out getting the groceries this morning. Maybe a good day to make a big pot of hearty, veggie soup. Yum!

Stop 0: Wheatsville Co-op

My husband snuck off to do his own grocery shopping earlier this week to stock up on junk food plus a couple of peppers.

  • Red bell pepper, 0.48 pounds: $1.44
  • Jalapeno pepper, 0.09 pounds: $0.16
  • Vegan mozarella, 8 ounces: $4.79
  • Hemp milk, 1 quart: $3.99
  • Chocolate hemp milk, 1 quart: $3.99
  • Milk chocolate, 1 heart: $0.89
  • Tofurkey hot dogs: $3.74
  • Tofurkey sausage: $3.74

Total: $22.81

First stop: Wheatsville Co-op

My first shop with my new Co-op membership card! I don’t expect it to financially be worth the $70 I invested for at least a few years, but you know what they say: “Put your money where your mouth is.”

  • IMG_20160123_114838Yellow onion, 1.46 pounds: $2.18
  • Carrots, 1.36 pounds: $2.03
  • Granny Smith apples, 0.71 pounds: $1.77
  • Red delicious apples, 0.94 pounds: $2.15
  • Tomato, 1.48 pounds: $1.68
  • Mango: $1.99
  • Garlic, 0.20 pounds: $1.16
  • Avocado: $1.99
  • Spinach, 0.20 pounds: $1.40
  • Baking soda, 2 pounds: $1.79
  • Toilet paper: $1.49
  • Green lentils, 2.94 pounds: $4.97
  • Garbanzo beans, 1.19 pounds: $3.32
  • Brown rice, 1.30 pounds: $3.63
  • Almonds, 0.61 pounds: $7.31

Total: $36.00

Sorry for the lousy photo. I was pressed for time this morning. But you should be able to make out my new labeling system for bulk foods. Rather than using the stickers at the store, I cut up a piece of old junk mail and wrote on the back, rubber banding the tare and PLU to each jar. Sadly, in the process of picking out rubber bands, I realized a couple had gone brittle and needed to be thrown out.

New-to-me food: chickpeas, aka garbanzo beans. If I remember to soak these tonight, I’ll cook them up tomorrow and freeze the extras as usual. I hear they have a nice nutty flavor.

Second stop: Downtown Farmers Market

  • IMG_20160123_114007Spaghetti squash: $4.00
  • Brocolli: $8.00
  • White mushrooms: $4.00
  • Bok choi: $2.00
  • Radishes: $2.00
  • Lettuce: $3.00

Total: $23.00

You can’t really tell from that picture but those heads of broccoli are huge. I may have to prep and freeze some of it for the upcoming broccoli-free months.

New-to-me veg #1–the French breakfast radishes. I’m assuming aren’t too different from other radishes, though.

New-to-me veg #2: Bok choi. I have no idea what to do with this yet, but I’ve seen this in recipes in the past, which I promptly ignored because they required bok choi, so it shouldn’t be too hard to make a plan for it.

Last stop: Backyard garden

Not much to harvest, but I did pick one precious carrot. Just a couple of inches long and so sweet and tender. Not wanting to waste anything, I ate it leaves and all.

Small carrot fresh-picked in the backyard garden
Carrot from backyard garden (before washing)

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