The Story of the Not New Apples

Once upon the time, four little apples experienced their first Christmas. They sat on a counter for days wondering which of these great people they would end up providing nourishment for. But day after day, they were passed over for Christmas cookies and chocolates. The days turned to weeks and the apples started to become sad not just in spirit but in body also.

Four aging apples

At the end of the holiday season, someone took sympathy on these little sweeties and brought them my way. But then also, they were accompanied by cookies and chocolates as well as more exotic fruit like bananas and oranges. So for several days more they waited and the soft spots on them grew more plentiful.

Finally I also took sympathy on them and decided to salvage them before they could age any further. No, they weren’t appetizing enough to eat as is anymore, but I peeled them and cut off the areas that were too far gone.


The peels and innards of the apples overflowed my already nearly full small compost bowl. The apple flesh itself was quartered and sliced and piled into my sauce pan. With a little water to get it started, I simmered the slices until they mushed easily with a spoon, and ta-da!

Finished applesauce

Delicious applesauce headed to the freezer where it’ll stay good until ready to be eaten or used in baked goods. No apples in the trash bin this time!


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