January 9 Food Haul

I forgot to get a picture, but yesterday my husband harvested his first oyster mushroom crop from the grow-your-own kit I got him for Christmas. Unfortunately, they had gotten a little dried out and thus weren’t the most appealing (of course he ate them all at once anyway), but a new batch is in the works now and we know what to look for as the previous day the mushrooms were super plump. The carrots in the garden are still pencil sized and there’s nothing whatsoever harvestable out there, so I stocked up at the markets as usual.

First stop: Wheatsville Co-op

  • IMG_20160109_105946Roma tomato, 0.38 pounds: $0.76
  • Onion, 0.58 pounds: $1.15
  • Carrots, ?? pounds: $2.99 (wrong item on receipt)
  • Red bell pepper, 0.32 pounds: $0.96
  • Green bell pepper, 0.32 pounds: $0.80
  • Garlic, 0.14 pounds: $0.81
  • English muffins, 6 pack: $3.24
  • Toilet paper, x1: $0.79
  • Wild rice blend, 0.78 pounds: $4.67
  • Coconut milk, half gallon: $2.69
  • Rainbow quinoa, 0.65 pounds: $4.87
  • 9-grain bread, 1 loaf, $4.99

  • Flax seed, 0.27 pounds: $0.75
  • Pinto bean, 1.23 pounds: $3.06
  • Green lentils, 1.76 pounds: $5.26
  • Tofurkey, 4 sausages: $3.24

Total: $41.10

I was a bit surprised the bill came out to so much this morning, but I did get a lot of food. The fancy rice / quinoa plus the packaged bread did me in. Next weekend I’ll probably start making my own bread again. Time to waste several hours browsing recipes on the internet!

I’m not even sure what the English muffins are for. I just needed a week off from corn tortillas and grabbed something else off the shelf that looked edible. Maybe I should start making my own tortillas too. Then I’d never have enough to get tired of them.

Next Stop: Downtown Farmers Market

  • IMG_20160109_104715

    IMG_20160109_105341Mushrooms, $2.49

  • Brocolli: $3.00
  • Butternut squash; $4.00
  • Rainbow chard: $3.00
  • Kale, 1 bunch: $3.00
  • Tomatoes, 1 basket: $5.00
  • Fennel: $3.00
  • Meyer lemons, x2: $2.00

Total: $25.49

The butternut squash is on my new-to-me list. I was fortunate to find these cuties at just 4 for $4. I’m not sure if you can tell (because that fennel is ginormous) but they’re the smallest butternut squashes I’ve ever seen. The perfect size for someone still nervous about trying new things.

On my way out of the market I still had a couple of dollars left in my hand. And on the edge of the last booth nearest the exit of the market, there were plump radiant Meyer lemons with a sign that said “$1 each”. How could I resist? They went into another bag and so got missed in the main picture, but here they are in their full glory. I’m trying to grow a couple of Meyer lemon trees of my own, but it’s the same old story. They’re only a year old now and it’ll be years before they’re recognizable as lemon trees.

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