December 5 Food Haul

Another week, another replenishment of the food supply.

First stop: Wheatsville Co-op

  • IMG_20151205_111448Blackberries, 6 oz: $2.99
  • Garlic, 0.14 pounds: $0.81
  • Cheddar cheese, 0.55 pounds: $3.35
  • Ginger root, 0.08 pounds: $0.44
  • Toilet paper x2, $1.38
  • Brown rice, 1.24 pounds: $3.46
  • Oats, 0.67 pounds: $0.80
  • Soy milk, half gallon: $3.59
  • Tofu, 14 ounces: $2.29

Total: $19.22

Lots of single-use packaging today. Tofu is probably one of the least appetizing “foods” to me, but picking it up was my husband’s idea. He’s on board for reducing consumption of animal products but is still big on always having a component of the meal classified as “meat”. However, the blackberries were totally my fault–a binge buy but delicious.

Next Stop: Downtown Farmers Market

  • IMG_20151205_112150Ground beef, 2 pounds: $17.00
  • Green onions, 1 bunch: $3.00
  • Carrots, 1 bunch: $3.00
  • Watermelon radish, 1 bunch: $2.75
  • Lemon: $1.00
  • Kale, 1 bunch: $3.00
  • Mushrooms, 1.09 pounds: $6.00
  • Broccoli, 2 heads: $6.00

Total: $41.75

A lot of my standard purchases. The ground beef is going straight in the freezer and should last us for a while. After all, you don’t want to have to make a mad rush to the supermarket when your favorite vendor misses a week unplanned.

My new-to-me produce item of the month is the watermelon radish. As a special bonus, I’ve also never eaten the lacinto variety of kale. As long as they bear some taste resemblance to their cherry radish and curly kale cousins, all should be delicious.

At the end of shopping, there was a single dollar left in my hand. I had been unsure of whether or not to get some of the $1 lemons that popped up in one of the booths, but the single remaining dollar was a sign and I picked the yellowest most juicy looking one. I’ll freeze the juice in the extra ice tray to have a quick single-serve lemonade whenever.

Final Stop: My backyard

No photo this week, but I only harvested a few small radishes. At least I also washed the leaves this time and packed them with various other goodies for my salad at work tomorrow.

Plus, I finally got around to planting a few other areas with carrot, radish, and lettuce seeds. If this pleasant weather sticks around for a while, it’ll be great to eat truly fresh picked produce.

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