Transforming Clutter into Desirable Goods

Egg cartons, music posters, comics, magazines, and socks. What all of these things have in common is that I don’t want or need any of them and yet they’re taking up space in my home.

I used to think recycling was the epitome of greenness, and I would have been happy to put all the paper items in my recycling bin. However, the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” motto isn’t just a set of three possible options. It’s a hierarchy:

  1. Reduce – Minimize new resources from being used up
  2. Reuse – Use an item again making use of both the material it’s made of and the form in which it was constructed
  3. Recycle – Destroy the existing form and recreate it as something else, using up energy and other materials in the process

Since these items already exist, it may be a bit late to reduce, but reusing is definitely still in the picture. Rather than bin all of these items, I posted them all on Craigslist in the free stuff category to find people who need and will make use of them. Almost instantly I had takers for the socks and comics and am hoping to find good homes for everything this weekend. They’re not at their end of life just yet!

Looking for places to rehome your pre-loved items? Here are just a few options.

Of course, you can always sell items for some extra $$$ if you have good stuff and in that case it’s more likely that they’ll be well loved. But I opt for the easier route of free. 🙂

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